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RACE – A Journey









Management Committee

Chairman’s Message

Dear Parents, Guardian & Young Scholar’s

Every school or educational institution should develop such an educational system which teaches young people how to make a life and does not teach them how to make a living. John Dewey rightly said that education is not a preparation for life but education is life itself.

          Education is no longer limited to a village one town state or one country. It is a global phenomenon. The world has become a village and we are determined to create citizens standard. Education is an ever changing field. At the same time we believe that modernity is based on tradition. A good education aims at the development of both character and individuality. A good school strives and continuously works to weed out what is undesirable and carefully cultivate the noble values. The teachers are seen as the  builders of the nation and the emerging world.

            In the contemporary world in which our young children are competing and shining on the national as well as international forums educational needs go far beyond the acquisition of academic competencies. In the competitive work places around the world, the need for developing life skills such as creative and critical thinking effective communication and the ability to collaborate with others in a team is of utmost importance. Therefore, we are imparting life skills among our students. We have adopted all the means to provide modern education with the help of e- smart classes and fully equipped modern labs.

            Teachers in their instructions try to place more emphasis on helping students develop concepts and understand fundamental principles of a particular area of study. They make increasing use of pupil participation in the discovery and formulation of concepts, principles and generalizations.

In the last but not least I wish every one of our students to enhance society through their scholastic achievements, posses a drive to excel and a compassion and understanding of the complex and uncertain world around them.

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